A big part of my life has been dedicated to teaching middle school math and science. During that time, I had opportunities in building and renovating homes. An interest in real estate develped and drew me in.  When I became a full time realtor with Louisville Realty Group, I realized I was able to partner with and advocate for my client’s as I had for so many years as an instructor.

As a life-long resident of Louisville,  it brings a sense of pride to show homes in its many charming communities.  It has been a pleasure to meet and build relationships with some wonderful people. I look forward to helping many more people find the perfect place to call home.


Hi everyone! I’m Mendel.  I too was in need of a home not too long ago.  I was fortunate to meet Theresa while I was staying at the Humane Society.  She got to know me and what I was looking for to help me to find the perfect home.  I have lots of room inside and out! She can help find the perfect home for you too and I’ll help wherever I can.  I’m helping with Theresa’s blog page by posting a number of interesting articles to keep you informed about your current or next home.  Let me know what you think about our articles and any questions you may have.