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Preparing My Home for Listing: Being My Own Client

So this is the family home.  For 20 years, my family celebrated, laughed, cried and made memories here in our home in Pewee Valley, KY.  We purchased at a time when there were still larger lots available and have a wonderful, wooded 3 acre lot.  It truly is picturesque with daily visits from the local deer just to put it over the top.  As a realtor, I have listing appointments with clients that would describe their home in a similar fashion;  with all of the love that comes from the memories of lives in their homes.  It has been my job and pleasure to get clients just like my husband and I into a home they love and that makes their lives easier.

My husband and I need to downsize.  While 3,800 square feet in the woods was a dream for years, it is too much maintenance as we are getting a bit older and with our children off starting their own lives.  It is difficult to let go even though I know its needed.  I’ve decided to approach our life change as our own realtor.  Those things that I do to help my clients through what can be an emotional process, can help us as we navigate the process.  I’m hoping that approach will help me to be more decisive and give me better perspective. Our ultimate goal is to sell our current home, to buy two homes: one, smaller, maintenance-free home here in the Louisville area where we have some of our family and a second place in the Tampa area of Florida where we also have family and where we hope to make a lot of new memories vacationing with family and friends.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey through a life change that many people face at some point in their lives, when time to enjoy life takes priority over home care and maintenance. Maybe you will be inspired to take on some projects in your own home.  Heck, if a woman in her 50’s can do the projects I’m going to tackle, you can too.

Do your parents still live in your family home? 

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