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Update and Neutralize

Now that I have a good repair list and a cost estimate, I need to look at what remains of my budget and allocate it where it will make the most impact.  In general, neutral colors are better throughout and so paint is a good first step. Paint is cheep and most homeowners can do it themselves.  I have no idea what the furnishings of a potential buyer make look like, so if the pallet is neutral, no matter what colors and styles, they can move right in without having to paint.  Lighter colors tend to enlarge a space and create a brighter look.   New paint makes the home feel clean and fresh in addition to its impact on the look of the interior. We’ve talked about listing our home for a few years now so in preparation,  I’ve recently painted a number of the rooms in neutral tones of gray and taupe.

As a realtor, I know that curb appeal, kitchens and mater suites sell homes.  While I want the overall look of all of the home to be pleasing and fresh, I really want to put any remaining budget in those areas of updating or improving. My kitchen will be a significant project.  The cabinets are a honey oak relic of the 90s.  The counter tops are laminate because I had planned to upgrade for many years but family expenses always took priority. The flow is also problematic in a couple of areas. The master bedroom and bath have been painted but otherwise need updated finishes.  We’ve cleaned-up the exterior landscaping and had all of the trim painted with a bright white.  The budget that remains after the kitchen and master will likely dictate what else might be done here.  I already have a new roof on my repair list that is taking a huge chunk of my budget.

Now that I know what needs to be done, I just have to set about doing it.  Things that I can do myself will save a great deal of money, but will take longer to accomplish as I will need to work it into work and family schedules. I’m really excited about what’s ahead and the projects that I have in mind.  I know at times it will be frustrating, as all projects are but I know with the help of my trusty assistant, Mendel, this home will be beautiful and attract a buyer quickly.

What ideas do you have about good finishes when you’re preparing a home for listing?


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